niedziela, 23 czerwca 2013

ariadna ...

ariadna – the best Polish threads I have ever used

The top quality and diversity of types and colors

decorative threads - KARAT

Most of the things which I present here were made of these threads. 
I love colors of decorative threads KARAT

KARAT 100% cotton  76 tex x2, 10g
It's perfect for crochet jewellery, lace, delicate accessories.

crochet earrings like for example in posts as painted or at the end of the carnival

The adventure with ariadna has lasted since my childhood. 
The threads were used by my grandmother who embroidered almost all her life ,
my mother who made me a lot of amazing stuff for my dolls when I was a child.
Nowadays I make many things using different kinds of ariadna threads.
Follow my blog to see them ;)


Variety of colors and types lets create unique and colorful things.

niedziela, 16 czerwca 2013

dla Julii

szydełkowa torebka
design by me 

Dla Julii zrobiłam torebkę różową - a jakże! 
Ulubiony kolor 5-latki ;)

Żeby nie było za różowo połączyłam kilka odcieni zieleni - wykorzystałam resztki zielonych kordonków Ariadna

Drewniane bransoletki kupiłam na Jarmarku Galicyjskim


I made the crochet handbag for fashionable little girl Julia :)
The bracelets were bought at The Galician Market which I presented on my blog crochet and ... in May

szydełkowa serwetka

szydełkowa serwetka

Aniu, dziękuję Ci za pomoc przy wszywaniu podszewki :)


Ania, my Friend, thank you for your help with the zip :)

sobota, 1 czerwca 2013

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