poniedziałek, 4 lutego 2013

inspirujące miejsce . . .

To jest świat Lawendowej Wiedźmy.

Piękne miejsce w górach, malowniczy zakątek Polski - Istebna.


This is a world of Lavender Witch.
Beautiful place situated between the mountains in a picturesque corner of Poland.

More than 200-year tradition of lace.

Koniaków - magiczna miejscowość z pięknymi widokami i mnóstwem koronkowych arcydzieł.


Koniaków – magic neighboring village impresses with an admirable landscape and a lot of crochet masterpieces.

To był inspirujący weekend :)


I spent there last weekend. It' was inspiring time. You could see it soon...

7 komentarzy:

  1. This place is simply stunningly beautiful! Thank you for taking us all to another place in the world to enjoy such lovely, lovely pictures...I enjoyed my visit here very much. Thank you,
    Sandy of www.sanderellas1.com

  2. I added your blog to my blog list.....I would like to come back and visit some more beautiful things again sometime!! Sandy

  3. Thank you, Sandy :)
    I'm glad to show the world around me and things what were created here by me :)

  4. It's amazing! How people are creative!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awe-inspiring needlework and I love your snowy view of the landscape of Poland, my great, great grandmother, Dora Kaliski's homeland.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. The pictures of snowy view was made not too far from my place. I live in the South of Poland, where the views are breathtaking and inspiring to create.

  6. Maybe someday I'll be able to travel there and see it for myself. So glad you share your craft and home with everyone. Thank you.


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