poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2013

Wet Monday

Wet Monday it's the most awaited moment of Easter by the youngest.
They skulk with their plastic eggs filled with water (or other toys intended for it) for the first victims from the morning ;) Teenagers prefer buckets over small plastic toys and use it against people who walk around the streets, what is not funny already. 

Back in the day traditionally Wet Monday symbolized act of spring cleansing of dirt and disease. It was connected to a symbolic nature awakening to life. It  has been popular among young girls and boys. That day  the most of  girls were in danger of being sprinkled with water  by the lurking boys. Girls run away from the boys chasing them with buckets full of water; however be sprinkled meant success with the opposite sex ;)

Plastic Eggs for Wet Monday - nice childhood memory

Enjoy Wet Monday

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