piątek, 28 października 2016

w krainie jesieni ...

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  1. I just found your blog from Annemarie's blog, and I'm so happy to see your work. I also live in a 4 season place (Oregon, usa) and I especially love the change from one season to another. I know just where to look for the first snowdrop, and of course I collect chestnuts when they fall. I will try some of your beautiful brooches, too. I'm always picking up bits of lichen, pretty twigs, fir cones. Now I can wear them! Kate in Oregon

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your lovely comment :) I'm so happy you like my blog :) I hope you will find here some inspirations and ideas to make something for yourself. I will be happy to see your natural broches, surely they are unique :)
      special greetings from the south of Poland :)

  2. no proszę, liść jak żywy! :) jest śliczny :)

  3. Piękny liść w szlocznym kolorze.Pozdrawiam :)


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